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Quiz: Can You Identify Robert De Niro’s Lesser-Known Roles?

Photo: Maya Robinson

In his half-century as a film actor, Robert De Niro has played some of Hollywood’s most iconic characters: Travis Bickle, Jake LaMotta, Max Cady, Jack Byrnes. But he’s become much more prolific as he’s gotten older; Last Vegas, which opens today, is his fourth movie this year, and there are still two more to come. It’s hard to keep track of all these roles, as for every Vito Corleone there are a dozen Evan Wrights. If you knew that Wright is his character from 1992’s Mistress, you’re going to be great at this quiz, which tests your ability to match descriptions of De Niro’s lesser-known roles with the movies that spawned them.

Can You Identify Robert De Niro’s Lesser-Known Roles?

An ill-tempered corrections officer who’s seduced by an inmate’s wife.
A homicide detective who hunts down a pair of murderers videotaping their crimes
A grouchy detective forced to partner with a lowly patrolman who has Hollywood ambitions.
A hotheaded cop who hunts a vigilante serial killer.
A Bosnian war vet living in the woods who is targeted by a Serb who wants revenge.
A creepy geneticist posing as a friendly pediatrician.
A psychologist with a creepy daughter.
A cranky security guard who becomes friends with his drag-queen neighbor.
A small-time lawyer who takes up boxing.
The cross-dressing pirate captain of a flying ship.

How Well Do You Know Robert De Niro’s Canon?