Don’t Be Surprised If Sarah Silverman Never Does a Network Sitcom Again

After NBC let Sarah Silverman put her failed pilot on her YouTube channel earlier this year, we all got to see what a hilarious — and occasionally naked — good time Susan 313 could have been. But with the sadness of not getting picked up behind her, the comedian analyzed the experience with Variety. She said she took the show to NBC rather than a more raunch-friendly zone like FX because “The networks want you and you forget about ‘I want to take this to cable.’ You’re just so excited by love and acceptance.” Cutting the show down from 29 minutes was “frustrating,” but she doesn’t blame the network. “We should have written a tighter script,” she said. Plus, she learned a valuable lesson: “I don’t think I want to do 22 of anything a year. Network TV is just not the place for me.”

Sarah Silverman May Never Do a Sitcom Again