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SNL’s Taran Killam Remembers Donating Sperm

Taran Killam. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Patrick McMullan

In this week’s Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn plays a sperm donor who discovers that he is the father of 533 children. While we were disappointed to hear that Vaughn himself had no real-world sperm donation experience to draw on for the role (“I have not, no,” he told us at Sunday’s premiere at the Paley Center), we did manage to find someone who could identify with the clinical unpleasantness of the process. Saturday Night Live star Taran Killam — whose wife, Cobie Smulders, plays Vaughn’s love interest in the film — shared the couple’s beautiful story with Vulture. “We froze embryos, Cobie and I,” Killam told us. “It was, like, a horrible experience,” he said of his part in the process (sperm donation!). “There’s nothing sexy about a sperm donation, there’s nothing. All of the, uh, working materials are at least fifteen to twenty years old, and the only thought you have in your head is, How many other mens’ bare asses have touched this brown leather chair?” Not your typical go-to fantasy, no, but somehow the job got done.