South African Comedian Trevor Noah Sells Sitcom Pilot to Fox

South African comedian Trevor Noah has sold a sitcom pilot to Fox based on his life growing up in South Africa with a white Swiss father and black South African mother. Deadline reports that the show will be written by Modern Family and Goodwin Games writer Sameer Gardezi and be produced by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith production company Overbrook Entertainment.

Noah is a massively popular standup in Africa, selling more DVDs than any other standup. He’s been presented by Eddie Izzard around the world, and he’s appeared in the US on both The Tonight Show and The Late Show. Here’s what Noah has to say about his career plans in the US when Splitsider talked to him over the summer:

I have no time for goals. I don’t know where the idea of goals came from. I don’t believe in goals. I’d rather believe in enjoying micro-successes in things that I do. I don’t plan something like that. I don’t go, “Oh in America, I hope this will happen.” No, I just hope people will come to my shows. […]  I don’t stress about those things. I find it ridiculous. “Oh, and then in three years, I want to have a TV show.” No, I have no time for that. Because everything I’ve done up until this point, I haven’t planned.

Below, check out Noah’s appearance on Letterman this past May.

South African Comedian Trevor Noah Sells Sitcom Pilot […]