Watch This Supercut of Will Forte Screaming for Dear Life

This weekend, Will Forte takes a turn for the dramatic in Nebraska, Alexander Payne’s tender indie about a strained father-son relationship. Such quiet rumination on everyday life will be a bit of a departure for Forte for many reasons, but the biggest is the absence of vein-bulging, red-faced screaming. In his comic work, this has been Forte’s specialty; his just-shy-of-aneurysm-causing howling took center stage during his many years on SNL, and has also popped up in his MacGruber film, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, How I Met Your Mother, and Conan (where he regularly appears as Ted Turner). We put together this compilation to honor Forte’s high-decibel talents and mourn his vocal cords.

Watch This Supercut of Will Forte Screaming