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There Might Be Another The Best Man Movie

BEST MAN, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, 1999
Photo: Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

The Best Man Holiday, the rom-com sequel that might just edge out Thor: The Dark World in this weekend’s box office, might also be on a fast track to add another sequel. Morris Chestnut (aka the film’s football hunk, Lance) implied that a successful run for Holiday would definitely lead to a third — in fact, writer-director Malcolm D. Lee is already busy crafting the sequel-to-a-sequel’s story:

If you were predict your character for the third Best Man what would you predict him to be doing?
Well I actually already know a little bit, I’ve talked to the writer-director Malcolm [D. Lee] …

So you’re confirming there will be a Best Man 3 then?
Well the people still have to speak. You know, when the people come and show that the movie’s successful, then there will be a third. And [Malcolm D. Lee] is already breaking down some story lines for my character in the third movie. So I kind of already know a bit of what happens.

Watch the full interview below, sequel talk starts around 1:35:

There Might Be Another The Best Man Movie