This Week In Web Videos: ‘The Truth About the Tooth (Fairy)’

While Thanksgiving is just hours away, we gather here on this Eve of Forced Familial Interactions to discuss a holiday much more solitary: The Night The Tooth Fairy Visits. It’s an event that comes at different times of year for every child (or adult with severe dental decay) who believes in the majestic molar monger (does the tooth fairy even take molars?). That said, tooth fairy interactions rarely happen the way writer/stars Matt Dennie and Josh Sharp depict in their The Truth About the Tooth (Fairy). For one, the winged wonder doesn’t wake you up. Because you’re asleep it’s hard to say if she looks like a transvestite hooker, is a thief, or talks to you with the sassy, seen-it-all know-how of a Puerto Rican elementary school nurse, but I’m pretty sure Dennie and Sharp took some license here. Inaccurate as it may be, this sketch is a brilliantly executed, rich character piece brought to the next level by joke specificity. In a pitch meeting, this concept probably would’ve sounded stale, met with cold stares and passive aggressive responses like “Is there anything more Thanksgivingy we can do?” but thanks to Dennie and Sharp’s commitment to making this idea so textured, it beats the STUFFING out of most of the GOBBLE-DAMN T-Day sketches I’ve seen thus far!!! Ugh, sorry about that. Have a nice holiday.

This Week In Web Videos: ‘The Truth About the Tooth […]