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Cuban Fury Trailer: Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance the Blues

With Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy coming to a close this summer with The World’s End, Nick Frost is completely free to strike out on his own. So he slapped on his dancing shoes to star in Cuban Fury. In attempt to fend off charming jerk Chris O’Dowd to win the heart of Rashida Jones (who sadly doesn’t try a British accent), Frost is going to reignite his passion for salsa dancing with a little help from Ian McShane. Though no U.S. release date is set, Cuban Fury will come out in the U.K. on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, no couples get it confused with Cuban Furry, that documentary about the small group of brave men and women who, under the dark cloud of Communism, had sex in animal costumes.

Watch Nick Frost in the Cuban Fury Trailer