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Here’s What You’re Missing at Those Postponed Kanye Shows

True, the fan clip below of Kanye West surprising fans with “New Slaves” at Saturday’s Odd Future carnival is poorly shot and mostly shaky in the way that taking any video on your phone in a crowd of people is bound to be. However, it does a more than decent job relaying Kanye’s magnetic stage presence in the park outside Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, one fans in Vancouver, Chicago, and Anaheim have missed out on due to technical difficulties that have caused him to postpone shows there. Odd Futuregoers were lucky that Tyler, the Creator has some pull with ‘Ye (Rolling Stone reports the two have been collaborating on some video and merch projects) and invited the newly engaged rapper to the second annual music fest, where Kanye also performed “Late” alongside Earl Sweatshirt. Meanwhile, ticket holders can rest easy — the Yeezus tour is expected to resume in the city of brotherly love November 16. Hopefully.

What You’re Missing at Kanye’s Postponed Shows