Bo Burnham, Eric Slovin, and Leo Allen Make This Year’s Black List

The Black List, an annual ranking of the best-liked unproduced screenplays from a survey of studio and production execs, was released today, and as usual, the list is full of comedies. This year’s list featured a few scripts from known comedians, like Eric Slovin and Leo Allen’s Superbrat and Bo Burnham’s Gay Kid and Fat Chick, as well as comedies from new writers.

Check out the full list of comedy scripts on this year’s Black List below, accompanied by how many votes each one got:

22 Shovel Buddies - Jason Mark HellermanOver twenty four hours, four teenage friends try to complete the “Shovel List” (a will/bucket list) left for them by their best friend before he died of Leukemia.16 Superbrat - Eric Slovin, Leo AllenTemperamental tennis champion John McEnroe is sucked into a dangerous and ludicrous law enforcement sting during Wimbledon in 198014 Gay Kid and Fat Chick - Bo BurnhamTwo high school misfits become costumed vigilantes and take out their frustrations on the students who bullied them throughout high school.13 1969: A Space Odyssey Or How Kubrick Learned to Stop Worrying and Land on the Moon - Stephany FolsomWith NASA’s Apollo program in trouble and the Soviets threatening nuclear ware, a female PR operative conspires with NASA’s Public Affairs Office to stage a fake moon landing in case Armstrong and Aldren fail, the goal being to generate public excitement that will aid the U.S. in winning the Cold War. But the op is faced with the biggest challenge of all: Filming the fake lunar landing with temperamental Stanley Kubrick.8 Fully Wrecked - Jake Morse, Scott WolmanAn R-rated talking car from the 80s is brought back into service and teamed up with the son of his former partner, a befuddled cop looking to earn his stripes.7 Make a Wish - Zach FrankelA fourteen-year-old boy with terminal cancer has one last wish - to lose his virginity - and convinces his reluctant football star Make-A-Wish partner to help him score.6 Dude - Olivia MilchThe story of four best girlfriends who must learn how to move forward without moving on, as they come down off the “high” of high school in this Fast Times-esque teenage comedy.6 Last Minute Maids - Leo NicholsTwo lovable losers run into trouble after they start a service cleaning up the stuff you don’t want your loved ones to find after you die.
Bo Burnham, Eric Slovin, and Leo Allen Make This […]