Chris Gethard Promises to Host ‘Sandwich Night’ on Public Access for the Rest of His Life

Comedian Chris Gethard has promised that, although his public access series, The Chris Gethard Show, may be ending in the wake of a recent deal to possibly continue it on Comedy Central, he will return annually to public access to host the show’s pre-Thanksgiving show Sandwich Night until he dies and he will see to it that the tradition continues after that. Here’s a message that Gethard sent to his public access broadcaster, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, today (via Tumblr):

“I vow to return to MNN studios the Wednesday before every Thanksgiving to host Sandwich Night from now until when I die, at which point I want hosting duties passed on to my oldest living heir. I am being 100% serious.”

That’s a pretty great and serious promise. Started by accident on Thanksgiving Eve in 2011, Sandwich Night has become an annual tradition on The Chris Gethard Show and is regularly the show’s most popular episode of the year, with the “Sandwich Night” chant being heard in the audience year-round. The episode, a celebration of sandwiches, involves the cast bringing ingredients, making and eating sandwiches and only talking about sandwiches. The Chris Gethard Show is taping a Comedy Central pilot, produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Zach Galifianakis, next month, and Gethard has said that if Comedy Central doesn’t pick up the show, he’ll do a few farewell public access shows and end it. If Comedy Central does order the series, Sandwich Night would continue there, but it’s nice to know that no matter what happens, the show — and Sandwich Night — will live on, no matter what.

Chris Gethard Promises to Host ‘Sandwich Night’ on […]