Comedian Randy Liedtke Talks About His Pace Salsa Twitter Account that Fooled Kyle Kinane and the Internet

Sunday night, comedian Kyle Kinane got into a hilarious interaction with the Twitter account for Pace Picante salsa that took the internet by storm, only for it to be revealed to have been a hoax by fellow standup Randy Liedtke the following day. The Huffington Post talked to Liedtke about the aftermath of the whole ordeal to get his side of the story. Here’s him describing how the account got started:

In August, I had this idea to create a couple Twitter accounts for companies that didn’t have Twitter accounts, and then establish them as sort of real … I didn’t have any devious plan. I wondered how fast it would get taken down. I didn’t tweet anything bad for the company – I had the account for four months, and every once in a while, I would retweet people who said positive things about Pace Picante. Mainly, I thought it would be funny if someone in an office was like, “Who’s running our Twitter account? I have a question for them. Oh, it’s a guy who doesn’t work for us? We’re going to politely have to ask him to stop.” [laughs]

Here’s Liedtke describing Kinane’s reaction to the hoax:

I didn’t create this Twitter account to go after Kyle. Kyle’s one of my favorite people. He’s one of my favorite comics, and we’re friends. He’s not thrilled with me right now, but we’re still friends. If it was someone I didn’t like or didn’t respect, or thought would hate me forever, I wouldn’t have even touched it.

And he hasn’t heard from Pace Picante yet:

This morning, I was feeling bad. It’s like… it’s a pure high in life, when you’re a little kid and something is so funny. But then you have the low of, I hope my friend isn’t mad at me. How can I explain that I created this Twitter forever ago and not have him think I’m a jerk? Then I realized I could get in trouble for that. I did things that Pace probably wouldn’t do, but I never intentionally drug their name through the mud. And I wanted to end the story on a good, positive note, so they would like how it was handled. Pace hasn’t said anything to me.
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