Elliott Gould to Stay on ‘Mulaney’ for Fox Version; Zack Pearlman Joins the Cast

In October, Fox ordered comedian John Mulaney’s sitcom Mulaney, which NBC passed over last season, to series. Now, we know the cast for the Fox version of Mulaney, which looks to be mostly the same. Elliott Gould and standup Seaton Smith, who were both cast members on the NBC pilot, are staying onboard the show, THR reports. They’ll be joining previously-reported returning cast members Martin Short, Nasim Pedrad, and of course, John Mulaney. The only new cast member added so far is Zack Pearlman (The Inbetweeners), who will be playing a completely new character, a high-energy trust fund baby named Andre Van Horn. The character of Mulaney’s roommate Seymour, played by standup Griffin Newman in the NBC pilot, will not be carried over into the Fox version of the show.

A three-camera sitcom created by John Mulaney, the show will presumably debut on Fox for Fall 2014. In it, Mulaney plays a young standup comedian in New York who writes for a game show hosted by Martin Short’s character, Lou Cannon. The supporting cast includes Pedrad as his roommate, Seaton as his womanizing standup buddy, and Gould as his gay neighbor. Lorne Michaels is producing the show via his company, Broadway Video.

THR writes that, because Mulaney and SNL’s production schedules do not conflict, Nasim Pedrad will be able to remain on SNL next season while still being a series regular on Mulaney. If Pedrad, who is SNL’s current longest-serving female cast member, opts to stay on the late night sketch show, it will be the first time in the show’s history a cast member has been a regular on a network sitcom while being an SNL cast member.

Elliott Gould to Stay on ‘Mulaney’ for Fox Version; […]