The Original Film’s Gretl and Liesl von Trapp Did Not Like The Sound of Music Live

Julie Andrews remains silent on the issue, but her fictional stepdaughters from 1965’s The Sound Music film watched NBC’s The Sound of Music Live last night with Vanity Fair and they were not impressed. The eldest, Charmian Carr, a.k.a. Liesl “I don’t need a governess” von Trapp and the youngest, Kym Karath, a.k.a. Gretl “I’ve got a sore finger” von Trapp remain close — ever since the elder carried the little one up the stairs during “So Long, Farewell.” So what did they have to say about the Carrie Underwood–helmed remake? They said some of the things we all were thinking (and tweeting): “She is not a very good actress,” said Carr. “They’re trying to merge the movie and the musical and it doesn’t really make sense,” added Karath. And perhaps the most upsetting difference? During the thunderstorm bedroom scene: “This actually hurts. This was always my favorite scene because it was the first we shot. It had such beautiful music. I loved my nightgown. I had just spent three months with [the cast, whom I considered] family, and I loved them so much. In the movie, you can see me looking so adoringly at Julie and the other kids and that was real.”

Gretl and Liesl Did Not Like Sound of Music Live