Heineken’s Carol Karaoke Puts Karaoke Singers in the Limelight

Imagine you’re heading to the stage in a private karaoke room, surrounded by your BFFs. Then, suddenly, a curtain is whipped back to reveal a small studio. You’re not performing for your friends – you’re potentially performing for all of NYC. But only if you want to. What do you decide?

That’s exactly the scenario that a few unsuspecting holiday revelers found themselves in. Heineken staged the event as part of its #CarolKaraoke program. A few of them balked under pressure, but a few managed to work up the courage to give it their all.

Meanwhile, Heineken’s been trying to figure out more about how people celebrate the holidays with karaoke. According to their surveys, the top three holiday songs are:

1. “Jingle Bell Rock”

2. “Winter Wonderland”

3. “All I Want for Christmas is You”

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Heineken’s Carol Karaoke Puts Karaoke Singers in the […]