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How Well Do You Know J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit?

While some people think they know The Hobbit because of Peter Jackson, there’s another group of us who sit Smaug-like on our Tolkien treasure trove, scoffing when someone can’t even tell the dwarves apart. “Ha!” we say. “If you’d read the book, you would know!” But even for Tolkien scholars, keeping on the path of the original 300-page tale after the epic enchantments Team Jackson has added into the movies requires some Bilbo-like determination. Take our 30-question superfan quiz about the book to test whether you truly have what to takes to become a hero of Middle-earth.

How Well Do You Know The Hobbit?

Of all the hobbits in the Shire, why does Gandalf pick Bilbo to join the quest?
Which of these is the name of one of the dwarves who arrives at Bag End?
Who gave Gandalf the map and key to Erebor, which would allow the dwarves to find and get into their lost city?
What do the dwarves promise to pay Bilbo?
How does the party of dwarves outwit the trolls?
How do the elves of Rivendell tease Bilbo?
As they travel through the mountains, they meet a thunderstorm, which is actually...
What is the correct answer to this riddle posed in Gollum’s cave: “What has roots as nobody sees?”?
Gollum gets three guesses about what Bilbo has in his pocket. Which ones of these does he not guess?
When does Bilbo explain how he got the ring?
How does Gandalf say he will introduce the dwarves to Beorn?
In exchange for his help, what does Beorn ask of the dwarves and hobbit as they’re leaving?
When crossing the enchanted stream in Mirkwood, Bombur falls in and ____________?
What does the elf-king accuse the dwarves of?
How many drinks does it take to get an elf-guard drunk?
When Bilbo first sneaks into Smaug’s lair…
Bilbo remembers a phrase of his father’s, which gives him hope. What is it?
When Smaug asks Bilbo who he is, which of these things does Bilbo not claim to be?
When Smaug suspects Bilbo has come to steal the gold, what does Bilbo claim he’s there for instead?
When Smaug boasts of his attributes, he likens the flapping of his wings to a hurricane. But what does he call his breath?
Bilbo spots a flaw in which of Smaug’s body parts?
What kind of dragon is Smaug?
What does Thorin give Bilbo from Smaug’s plunder?
Who does Bilbo give the Arkenstone?
Who tells Bard where to shoot?
What information do the dwarves get by raven?
How does Thorin insult Bilbo for his peacemaking efforts?
What is the ensuing conflict called?
What are Thorin’s last words?
What happens when Bilbo returns to the Shire?

How Well Do You Know The Hobbit?