Pace Salsa Prankster Randy Liedtke May Have Committed Another Twitter Hoax

Last week, LA-based standup Randy Liedtke tricked comedian Kyle Kinane and a bunch of people in the internet with a fake internet account for Pace Salsa, and now, he seems to be at it again. A couple days ago, Liedtke baked some cookies that looked like iPhones and said on Twitter that he plans to use them to trick police officers into pulling him over for talking on his phone while driving but when pulled over, he’ll take a bite out of the iPhone cookie and “ask if cookies are against the law.” Liedtke took his iPhone cookie for a spin last night and live-tweeted it, claiming that he got pulled over and the police office was so upset when he took a bite out of the cookie that he gave him a ticket for having unpaid parking tickets. It seems like another hoax to me, and several news outlets have reported the story as real so far, but judge for yourself via his tweets below:

Pace Salsa Prankster Randy Liedtke May Have Committed […]