See Katy Perry Grapple With Technical Difficulties Like A Pro

People care about lip-synching. (Remember when people talked more about Beyoncé possibly lip-synching at the inauguration than have ever talked about politics ever?) Which is why this clip of Katy Perry seemingly lip-synching poorly at the fifteenth NRJ awards is so intriguing. However, a NRJ representative revealed that the wrong backing track was being played and Perry was completely unaware. That’s why when she starts it up again, she sings. Like really sings. It’s all kind of confounding and endearing: Classic Katy.

* The headline and body of this post initially stated that Perry was lip-synching her performance. That was incorrect.

Problème de playback pour Katy Perry aux NRJ... by puremedias
See Katy Perry Grapple With Tech Difficulties