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Exclusive: See the Awesomely Animated New Opening Credits for Suburgatory

After a too-long absence, Suburgatory will finally return to ABC next month. Season three premieres January 15, with the show back to its original 8:30 p.m. Wednesday time slot and much of Chatswin the same as when we left it back in April. Loyal viewers will notice one semi-big change right at the start of the show, however: The original main titles have been given a makeover. “Perfect Nightmare” is still the theme song, and the images of Tessa and George remain. But now, instead of still photographs, the scenes have been re-created using a mix of animation and specially designed paper dolls of the cast.

Series creator Emily Kapnek says the new intro is the result of her love of Etsy. “I saw Jordan Grace Owen’s paper dolls on Etsy and fell in love,” she told us via e-mail. “I ordered them of my family and of the whole cast. Then I got to thinking that it might be fun to shot-for-shot re-create our existing title sequence using the paper dolls. The idea made sense to me, seeing the ‘puppet strings’ that George and Tessa have always felt existed in Chatswin.” What’s more, Kapnek said the revamp allowed her to include a kicker at the end of the credits with the rest of the show’s cast. Curious as to how it all looks? You don’t have to wait: Vulture has the world premiere of the new Suburgatory credits below.

See the New Opening Credits for Suburgatory