Stevie Nicks Officiated at Vanessa Carlton’s Wedding

Mazel tov!

In addition to going down in history as the person whose breakout song was sung most hilariously onscreen, she’ll also be known as a person who had fairy godmother of rock Stevie Nicks officiate her wedding. According to a post on Twitter, the “A Thousand Miles” singer married Deer Tick front man John McCauley on Friday in a private ceremony, one from which she shared a photo with the simply lovely caption: “Thanks Stevie for marrying us!” Though, were we in in Carlton’s shoes flower headdress, we’d have included a few more exclamation points, because … Stevie Nicks!

For his part, new husband McCauley seemed just as excited, sharing this photo on Instagram:

Here’s one more photo from their big day for good measure. There’s no Stevie in it, but these newlyweds are so darn cute, we’ll allow it:

Stevie Nicks Officiates Vanessa Carlton Wedding