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Will Tara Rat Out Jax? And 9 Other Questions for Sons of Anarchy

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Sons of Anarchy is close to wrapping its sixth season (the penultimate episode airs tonight on FX). It’s been one of the show’s most intense rides yet, with higher stakes and more dire consequences for its main characters than ever before (R.I.P. Clay and Otto; watch out, Tara). As with most exciting series, there are a lot of questions that still need answering. Here are the most pressing:

1. Will Tara make a deal with the D.A.?
This is the biggest question going into tonight’s episode. The prospect of WITSEC and exoneration of the death of Pamela Toric must be very attractive to Tara, especially since her chief concern is protecting her boys (something she can’t do from prison). But as we saw in her sympathetic hand squeeze to Jax after Clay’s death, there’s still a good deal of love between the high-school sweethearts. Is she really willing to burn someone with whom she has so much history? I think she’s damned no matter what she decides to do; if anyone has a target on her back going into the end of this season, it’s Tara.

2. How does Wendy fit into the family portrait?
That, and: Why is Gemma being so kind and gracious to Wendy? Charity and forgiveness are not the MC matriarch’s strong suits. Has she turned a corner or does she have a few more tricks up her sleeve? And let’s say she is genuinely open to the idea of welcoming Wendy back into the family, will Jax go along with Gemma’s plan? Given his mommy issues (we’re looking at you, Colette), he might cave.

3. Speaking of Colette: Have we seen the last of her and her ex-cop business partner, Charles?
Probably. After Colette’s run-in with Tara’s fist, I don’t know that she’d be eager to jump back into bed with Jax. But showrunner Kurt Sutter did seem to set Charles up as a potential threat all season. Odd that he should build up such an antagonist (and cast Peter Weller to play him!) if there weren’t going to be more of a payoff. Maybe it will be the ex-cop — not Tara — who turns Jax over to the D.A.

4. How will Juice’s mental instability affect the MC?
He’s been such a creepy ticking time bomb this season. Given the guilt he still feels over smothering Darvany, the school shooter’s junkie mother, and his betrayal of Clay, he seems about ready to snap. Here’s a thought: He’s been babysitting Tara an awful lot — is he her potential ally?

5. Speaking of babysitters: Where is Unser’s story headed?
He’s mostly just hanging around, taking care of the Teller boys. Has his character run out of story lines? Seems like his cancer might take a turn for the worse about now.

6. On a scale of 1 to “Blowing Up Your Club,” how mad are the Irish Kings going to be?
At the end of the last episode, Jax seemed to have convinced Connor to side with the MC. Connor is still angry, but probably practical enough to see this as a personal win. That said, he still has to convince the Kings not to get all bomb happy again. We haven’t seen much of Connor as a strategist. Does he have that kind of manipulative power in him?

7. How are the Sons going to get Happy back from the Chinese? 
When last we saw Hap, he was having the time of his life sucking down lo mein and watching cartoons. But the Lin Triad is not going to let him enjoy takeout forever. They want in on the gun trade and they want vengeance for the death of their people. But how can Jax please them and the Irish and August Marks? He can’t. He’ll have to choose and that could mean trouble for Happy.

8. Will August Marks be our Big Bad next season?
It seems like too much of a repeat to have Marks rise up to take Damon Pope’s place as the Big Bad. I much prefer him working in tandem with Jax. If the Lin Triad doesn’t get their way, does that make Marks the biggest player in the Northern California gun trade? Jax certainly owes him that much after all the strings Marks pulled for Clay in prison. But with Marks, Galen, and Clay out of the way, who’s left to make life miserable for Jax?

9. Is Nero the new Clay?
Sutter has always said that Sons of Anarchy is “Hamlet on Bikes.” That means we need to pay special attention to relationships between fathers and sons. With John and Clay both gone, Nero easily fits into that father-figure role. But, despite his violent past, Nero is unquestionably a much better man than either Clay or John. Can he stay with Gemma and be a friend and role model for Jax and keep his soul? History says no. Nero will have to either go all in or break free. There’s no room for good men in the MC.

10. When can we expect our invitations to Venus and Tig’s wedding?
Maybe we can have one happy ending. Just one.

Ten Sons of Anarchy Questions That Need Answers