The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Space Suit/Broadway Costume Production

This week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, Jeff is joined by Kari Love, a former Broadway costume producer who now helps build prototype space suits for commercial use, and for space tourists to go into space with. They talk about how she got started on Broadway, what it was like working on the Spiderman musical, how she made the transition into space suits and how the two fields are similar.

“I love researching historical eras. A lot people liked to do their research from a fashion history standpoint, whereas I really liked to research from a greater historical context point of view. So if I need a character to be a servant, I start looking up crazy photographs that maybe isn’t a part of the costume history that is in textbook, and instead just looked at a lot of photographs of coal miners. Something like that is where my interest laid in terms of the research. But then you also have color relationships, text and subtext, personality choices and so on.” - Kari Love on what she found interesting in costume producing.

“It did affect me a lot. They actually stopped the production at some point. There were stories that they had started building sets and those set pieces were thrown away, because there was questions about where the money was going to come from. That is why the budget balooned so much. This was also around the time that Disney was buying Marvel, so there was a lot of company stuff going on. The development period and approval process was just so long because there was so many people involved during this time. There was a lot of stuff up in the air when they rewrote the show. So i think it was very tumultuous for everyone involved.” - Kari Love on working on Spiderman

“The problem with spacesuits is that you can’t really talk about spacesuits. It’s like fight club that way. In the US government, spacesuits and their fabrication is restricted information. So you can’t export information about spacesuit requirements, I can’t show off patterns, I can’t take a picture of the tech and show it on the Twitter. I think the reason why it exists is because a lot of the stuff that exists in spacesuits also exists in other military equipment.” - Kari Love on the one problem with spacesuits.

“It was awesome, but I had to turn off my space nerd voice, but it was totally worth it to just be able to enjoy the film. If I have to mention one of the things, it’s that she just unzips her spacesuit and drifts out of it. My space nerd voice said: you can’t take off your spacesuit by yourself. You need an assistant to open all of those latches. And then she just drifts out of it in booty shorts and a tanktop. She would have a lot more on if it was real. It’s not sexy, but she would be wearing an adult diaper.” - Kari Love on Gravity.

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The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Space Suit/Broadway […]