Tim Meadows Was Angry He Wasn’t In Bill Brasky on ‘SNL’ This Weekend

Longtime SNL cast member Tim Meadows was less than pleased to find out the show did a “Bill Brasky” reunion sketch without him this weekend, so he took to Facebook to air some grievances. After posting “They did Brasky without me…” on Saturday night, Meadows went on to make several comments about getting repeatedly snubbed by SNL including “Sorry The Ladies Man bombed…if it would have done better they wouldn’t treat me like a red headed step child” and later, “I will never watch SNL again” and “Fuck them.” Several former SNL players also chimed in on Meadows’ Facebook page including Beth Cahill (“I kinda knew they were a bunch of scallywag bastages when they fired me. #myfirstclue”), Laraine Newman (“I can’t ‘like’ this one.”), and Chris Rock (“What happened. .”).

Meadows isn’t the only original “Brasky” character not to appear in Saturday’s sketch; regulars Alec Baldwin, John Goodman, and Mark McKinney were also absent and instead replaced by Taran Killam and host Paul Rudd in what was essentially another Anchorman 2 plug. Meadows later backpedaled with the update “I feel better and after a Mimosa I take back everything I said before!” after finding out the sketch was a last-minute addition to the episode. See below for all of Meadows’ comments and this weekend’s Brasky sketch for good measure.

Tim Meadows Was Angry He Wasn’t In Bill Brasky on […]