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3 Days to Kill Trailer: Kevin Costner Is Taken

Judging by Hollywood’s output, we have an unquenchable desire to watch older dudes fight bad guys. Maybe it’s a daddy-issues thing? Up next is 3 Days to Kill (hopefully the first installment of a trilogy that will also include 3 Days 2 Kill and 3 Days 3 Kill), in which Kevin Costner plays a dad and secret government agent who quits after he finds out he’s terminally ill. That is, until the agency offers him a drug that might save his life, if he completes one last mission. The movie, which hits theaters on February 21, was written by Taken scribe Luc Besson (of course) and directed by McG (of course). Costner’s character’s name is … wait for it … Ethan Runner (of course).

Watch Costner in the 3 Days to Kill Trailer