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Godzilla Trailer: Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss the Scary Monster

For a movie about a giant scary monster, the first Godzilla trailer is a little light on wreckage: there’s a subway car you wouldn’t want to be on, and an airport terminal on fire, and a hole in the middle of a city building, and … okay, yeah, there is a good amount of destruction. But the majority of the trailer is people reacting: Elizabeth Olson looking scared; Bryan Cranston weeping; David Strathairn solemnly preparing his troops for battle. If you were hoping for a glimpse of what exactly they are reacting to (spoiler: it’s a monster!), then sit tight and don’t blink during the foggy scene at the end. Also, deputy editor Gilbert Cruz would like to point out that this trailer uses music from 2001: A Space Odyssey. You are now ready for movie trivia night.

Watch the First Godzilla Trailer