8 Great Sketches from 5 Years of ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon turns 5 this year, and since Fallon took over as host in 2009, he’s made it uniquely his own by bringing musical and sketch comedy elements to the show on a nightly basis. Whether he’s reuniting with fellow SNL alums in a sketch, teaming up with Justin Timberlake for another viral hit, or disappearing into another chameleonic impersonation of a pop culture figure or legendary musician, Fallon has time and again proven himself to be consistently fresh, funny, and collaborative with any celebrity guest thrown his way. In celebration of his five years on Late Night – and in anticipation of things to come when he starts on The Tonight Show next month – here’s a look at eight great sketches from his run on the late night time slot in case you missed last night’s Best of Late Night special.

Slow Jam the News

Fallon scored a pretty big guest when he taped his show from UNC back in April. If only Obama delivered all his national addresses this way.

Tom Hanks Performs a Slam Poem About Full House

Fallon knows exactly how to win the hearts of children of the nineties everywhere, and it’s summed up perfectly through Tom Hanks and his beautifully crafted Full House poem.


Jimmy and Justin have made tons of funny things together, but in the context of sketches over song covers, “#Hashtag” is the perfect example of what incredible chemistry they share on Late Night.

The Doors Sing the Reading Rainbow Theme

Fallon’s numerous memorable musical segments would fill up a whole other list, but his impression of Jim Morrison singing the Reading Rainbow theme is just the right mix of weird and amazing.

Joking Bad

With over 10 million views on YouTube, Fallon’s epic Breaking Bad parody is one of the show’s most popular sketches ever.

Jimmy Fallon & Alec Baldwin’s 80s Cop Show

Fake mustaches, 80s sitcom music, food gags, quick changes, and Alec Baldwin as a no-nonsense cop: It’s basically all the elements Fallon needs to break character in one place.

Jersey Floor: Episode 2

Late Night has made a pile of TV parodies like 7th Floor West, Downton Sixbey, and Game of Desks, but you really can’t beat Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as a pair of overtanned Jersey girls.

Tight Pants

The tight pants fight between Fallon and Will Ferrell has it all – cheesy music, ridiculous clothing, and Ferrell snapping into a fit of rage Mr. Tarkanian-style.

8 Great Sketches from 5 Years of ‘Late Night with […]