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Watch Adam Scott and Paul Rudd’s Bosom Buddies Reenactment Side by Side With the Original

Last night, Adult Swim aired the fourth and final installment in Adam Scott’s Greatest Event in Television History series, in which he and some of his pals create frame-for-frame reenactments of the opening credits for eighties TV shows (after ten minutes of mockumentary footage about the making of the reenactment). He’d already tackled Simon & Simon, Hart to Hart, and Too Close for Comfort, so last night, he teamed with Paul Rudd to remake the lengthy, exposition-heavy opening to the Tom Hanks–Peter Scolari drag sitcom Bosom Buddies. (Gillian Jacobs takes the Donna Dixon role, Aidy Bryant does the late Wendie Jo Sperber, Parks and Rec writer Aisha Muharrar is Telma Hopkins, and Mo Collins nails Holland Taylor in just one face.) Watch the re-creation and the original side-by-side and marvel at the unicycle and handball skills Adam Scott had to master to pull this off. And how long did it take to choreograph the softball alley-oop catch?

Watch Adam Scott Reenact Bosom Buddies