Amy Poehler’s Answer to a Question About ‘SNL’s Diversity Issue Is Perfect

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have an interview with The Hollywood Reporter out today to promote their Golden Globes hosting gig this Sunday, and when the writer asked them to comment on the past few months of SNL diversity criticism, Poehler gave the best response possible:

After a lot of public criticism, SNL has added an African-American women to the cast. Do you think that criticism was warranted?Fey: I think Kerry Washington did such a great job on the [Nov. 2] show [in a sketch that addressed the controversy]. And you saw how great it was for Jay Pharoah to have someone playing Michelle Obama opposite [his President Obama]. So I feel like they registered that really quickly and they’ve acted on it really quickly.Poehler: Ugh, I don’t want to talk about this. Pass.

Tina and Amy go on to answer questions about SNL’s now outdated boys club reputation and explain the rules of the Golden Globe drinking game they invented, but no interview response is as succinct, honest, and hilariously over it as the above Poehler gem.

Amy Poehler’s Answer to a Question About ‘SNL’s […]