Chris Gethard’s First Comedy Album ‘My Comedy Album’ Will Be Available April 22nd

Chris Gethard is a staple in the comedy community and has an upcoming series on Comedy Central, so it’s surprising to realize he hasn’t yet released an album. Thankfully, Gethard announced today that that’s all about to change with the release of his first album My Comedy Album on April 22nd. Pre-orders start today, and you can opt for either a digital version via iTunes or a much more tangible vinyl version that comes with Gethard’s autograph, the digital download, and some bonus tracks. Here’s a snippet of what Gethard had to say about the album on his Tumblr today:

As for the album itself, I think you’ll dig it! A whole bunch of stories and jokes about things that have happened to me, debauchery I’ve foolishly participated in, television shows I torture myself by watching, and heartbreaks I’ve had. All the dumb idiocy mixed with heartfelt emo bullshit you’ve come to expect from Chris Gethard. I really hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it! ALSO, THE CLOSING TRACK IS A SONG WITH ME AND MAL BLUM, WHICH IS SO RAD AND I AM SO GLAD SHE ACTUALLY BECAME MY FRIEND.
Chris Gethard’s First Comedy Album ‘My Comedy Album’ […]