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Exclusive: See Enlisted’s Parker Young Get Naked for His Craft

Lena Dunham isn’t TV’s only comic actor willing to bare all for her craft. On Friday night’s episode of Fox’s new military comedy Enlisted, co-star Parker Young was seen virtually in the altogether during one scene, with a strategically placed lantern covering the private’s privates at one point (and a towel later covering them completely). Since nudity is a no-no on network TV, there was no reason for Young to actually shoot said scene in the buff, and yet the former Suburgatory regular decided to go Method that day. (Why did Young decide to get naked when he didn’t really need to? Says series creator Kevin Biegel: “That’s Parker!”) Fox’s standards and practices department ordered Enlisted producers to digitally alter a shot of Young’s just-above-the-crotch region because, according to Biegel, the actor’s muscles are too well-defined for network TV. And then they cut the end of the final scene when the towel falls away completely, revealing Young’s backside. Because we’re interested in historical accuracy at Vulture, we’ve uncovered (sorry) a fully unedited outtake of the scene, preserving Parker Young’s posterity for all posterity. A new episode of Enlisted airs this Friday, and past episodes are located here.

See Enlisted’s Parker Young Get Naked on Set