Jessica Williams Comments on ‘The Daily Show’s Diversity

“As far as diversity’s concerned, there’s me, there’s Al Madrigal, there’s Aasif Mandvi. But I’m not walking around feeling black all the time. That would stress me out. It would make me crack. Some days I do feel that pressure of, ‘What do I mean as a black woman? What am I representing?’ It honestly just gives me anxiety. Ultimately, when I deliver something, a lot of times it will be from a black woman’s perspective, but other times it will be just from a satirical, goofy perspective. I’m a young correspondent, so sometimes I’m just young. Sometimes I’m just straightforward. We have one of the most diverse casts out there, but we’re not putting ourselves in a box.”

- Jessica Williams answers a question about The Daily Show’s diversity in an interview with Mother Jones, where she also talks about how she got her correspondent gig, her favorite segments from the show, and her upcoming role on Girls.

Jessica Williams Comments on ‘The Daily Show’s […]