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PSA: Kathryn Hahn Will Be Back on Parks and Recreation This Week

Photo: NBC

As an added reason to watch Parks and Rec’s 100th episode Thursday, Vulture can happily report that Kathryn Hahn’s campaign whiz Jennifer Barkley will be part of the festivities. The episode, “Second Chunce” (not a typo), revolves around Leslie’s last day in office, and back in October, series boss Mike Schur told us to expect things that will probably make you laugh and weep more than usual. “We wanted to celebrate by having the characters go through milestones and forks in the road and turning points in their lives,” he said. “Everyone is going through the end of something or the beginning of something or has a big choice to make.” Here’s hoping Jen is back with another job offer for the Knope-Wyatt household, because they could certainly use one.

Kathryn Hahn Heading Back to Parks and Rec