Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s ‘SNL’ Sketch ‘Inside SoCal’ Started as a Web Series

In August, Saturday Night Live hired actors Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett and director Dave McCary from the sketch group Good Neighbor, and in this weekend’s Jonah Hill-hosted episode of SNL, they brought some characters from their web videos to the show. The last sketch of the night — a slot that’s been reserved for Good Neighbor videos for most of the season — was called “Inside SoCal,” and Mooney and Bennett have been doing their characters, Todd and Casey, for three years now. Mooney, who grew up in San Diego and is adept at precisely making fun of the dialogue and mannerisms of Southern California guys, wrote the original sketches and performed solo versions on his own YouTube channel later. This is the second of Mooney’s characters from web videos that he’s brought to the show, following hacky standup Bruce Chandling who Mooney had been performing live and in videos for years before bringing him to “Weekend Update” in his first episode.

Check out a collection of all the “Inside SoCal” sketches, from the web and SNL, below:

The first “Inside SoCal” sketch from 2011, featuring Beck Bennett’s character Casey as a correspondent at a party and some dude with a bunch of tattoos as the co-anchor to Mooney’s Todd.

Created for CollegeHumor, this one features Casey as a co-anchor, with appearances by comedian Johnny Pemberton as Jared and Mike Mitchell from The Birthday Boys as Rick.

Kyle Mooney made this solo video, an “Inside SoCal Quick Hit,” in which his character Todd reads a poem about love in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Another solo “Inside SoCal Quick Hit,” in which Todd talks about the depression he’s going through and reading a letter about his feelings.

From this weekend’s SNL, Todd and Casey return with Taran Killam, Brooks Wheelan, Michael Patrick O’Brien, and Jonah Hill playing Southern California guys and Bobby Moynihan playing Hill’s dad.

Extras from the first “Inside SoCal” video.

Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s ‘SNL’ Sketch ‘Inside […]