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Lena Dunham Has an Adam Sackler Litmus Test for Determining Your Daddy Issues

Lena Dunham. Photo: Clint Spaulding/Patrick McMullan

Season three of Girls finds Adam and Hannah back together, adorably in love, and living in the Greenpoint apartment. Their relationship is bound to bother some people — namely the people who still bring up the pee incident and the people who didn’t find Adam’s shirtless finale run terribly romantic. Those people probably need to let go and live a little, but they are of course right to wonder if the Horvath-Sackler household isn’t somewhat dysfunctional. Is this a co-dependent couple? Do they have an unhealthy thing going?

“I think we have to ask those questions for any relationship,” Lena Dunham told Vulture at last night’s Cinema Society premiere. “And for anyone who kind of read the end of last season as like — a lot of people were like, ‘It was saccharine, they just ran towards each other and everything was solved by a guy.’ No it wasn’t; it was two insane people using each other as life rafts, and it can only end in disaster.”

That doesn’t mean watching them together can’t ever make your heart skip a beat. “There’s something really romantic about people being able to be vulnerable with each other in that way,” Dunham says. And if you aren’t team Adam? “It’s almost a psychological insight for me when I meet people and they’re either like, ‘I love Adam’ or ‘Why is she with him?’ I think if you say ‘Why is she with him?’ you probably have a healthier relationship with your dad.” Oh. So be it!

Lena Dunham Knows If You Have Daddy Issues