Lorne Michaels on Jimmy Fallon: ‘There is no job for Jimmy after this.’

“It’s not lost on Fallon that Tonight, if all goes well, will be his last job, the one that will see him through the next 20 to 30 years. There is none of the tension that surrounded the Jay-to-Conan transition, and the show’s relocation east signals NBC’s strong commitment to not messing with the program any further. Michaels, for his part, is adamant on the matter. ‘There is no job for Jimmy after this,’ he said. ‘You can’t go back to being Uncle Bob in the movie. This is a different thing, something that only a few people in the world ever get to do.’”

- from Vanity Fair’s new profile of upcoming Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, which includes quotes from his SNL and Late Night collaborators, a thoughtful examination of Fallon’s humor style, and multiple references to his emotional connection to pumpkin-flavored food.

Lorne Michaels on Jimmy Fallon: ‘There is no job for […]