‘Never Not Funny’ Is Joining the Earwolf Network and Will Be Free Now

Jimmy Pardo’s long-running comedy podcast has joined the Earwolf network, Pardo and co-host Matt Belknap announced on the latest episode of the show this week. Never Not Funny has been on a pay format for years now (with only the first 20 minutes being available for free), but future episodes will be entirely free now once the show debuts on Earwolf on January 30th. There will still be a pay option for an additional weekly episode and for video of the Earwolf episodes.

Started in 2006, Never Not Funny was one of the earliest comedy podcasts and helped get the ball rolling on the comedy podcast boom that happened in the years that followed. While most shows as popular as Never Not Funny have been parts of podcast networks for years, this is the first time that this show has joined one.

Check out yesterday’s episode, with Earwolf co-founder Scott Aukerman as the guest, for the big announcement.

‘Never Not Funny’ Is Joining the Earwolf Network and […]