This Week’s New Girl GIFs: Seduction Techniques

New Girl Lesson No. 25: Don’t let sports rip apart your friendships. Even if you call your friend “Coach,” that’s no reason to let silly sports come between you and your friends! This week’s episode revolved around Jess attempting to seduce Coach into friendship and trying to seduce Nick through competition — to see who would “break” first. It all worked out because sports don’t really matter, but at least we got to see who had the best moves.

It all started with this booty bump.

Jess wasn’t a Bulls fan so Nick “turned off the faucet” … You get it.

And then the seduction techniques began!

And continued.

Honestly, Nick?

Good thing Jess has a few things up her frilly sleeves.

But the true master of seduction? It was Schmidt the whole time.

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