Next Season of ‘Last Comic Standing’ Will Be Very Different

NBC’s Last Comic Standing has long been a divisive topic among comedians, but it looks like the upcoming season, produced by Wanda Sykes, is aiming for a total revamping of the series. According to LaughSpin, the revival season set to air this summer is not holding open auditions to amateur comedians, instead relying on agents, managers, and behind-the-scenes recommendations while casting contestants. They’re also reportedly planning to bring in “Ray Romano-level comedians” to serve as mentors for the contestants The Voice-style, but no names have yet been confirmed. Though they are considering comics from multiple cities, all auditions will take place in Los Angeles. While this is sad news for aspiring comedians who think that an American Idol-like competition will get them discovered, it’s (hopefully) a great move for the many established comedians out there deserving of more screen time.

Next Season of ‘Last Comic Standing’ Will Be Very […]