You Simply Must Watch This Clip From Elijah Wood’s Piano Thriller Grand Piano

You know how Netflix has a few categories that are so specific that they only contain one movie? I can’t wait to see what micro-genre the streaming-video giant will eventually come up with for the new film Grand Piano, which stars Elijah Wood as a concert pianist who sits down for the biggest show of his life, only to find himself threatened by a sniper (voiced by John Cusack) who’ll blow his head off if he plays one wrong note. (Might I suggest “Psychological thrillers reminiscent of the movies Speed and Phone Booth but set on a beautifully tuned Bösendorfer piano”?) It’s a premise that has to be seen to be believed, so take a look at this delirious exclusive clip that sets the whole plot in motion, and then catch Grand Piano on demand and iTunes now before its theatrical bow on March 7 (long before Netflix files it away in that sure-to-be-terrific, party-of-one category).

See Elijah Wood in a Delirious Grand Piano Clip