you can tun a piano but you can't tuna fish

Watch Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Give Lucy Punch ‘Too Much Tuna Fish’

Tonight the second season of Kroll Show premieres. This means all your favorite characters from the first season will be back, because Kroll Show, unlike other sketch shows, focuses on telling longer stories about a handful characters, as opposed to self-contained or topical sketches. This season, for example, one of the girls of “Publizity” gets pregnant, canine plastic surgeon Dr. Armond gets involved in a murder mystery, and Bobby Bottleservice moves into “Gigolo House.” All the while Gil and George (Kroll and John Mulaney) just want to put too much tuna fish in front of people. Here, they pull that classic prank on Ben and Kate’s Lucy Punch. There’s entirely too much tuna fish.    

See Kroll & Mulaney’s ‘Too Much Tuna Fish’ Prank