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White House Adopts West Wing’s Big Block of Cheese Day

Is there any greater symbol of democracy than thousands of Americans gnawing at the same 1,400 lb block of cheese? The White House won’t have an actual giant dairy brick available during their Big Block of Cheese Day “virtual open house” next Wednesday, but they did enlist West Wing’s Bradley Whitford and Joshua Malina to hype the event, and they’re both pretty great. As you might recall, the West Wing episode “The Crackpots and These Women” featured the original Cheese Day, which was itself inspired by Andrew Jackson’s public cheese tasting. Of course, neither Jackson nor Bartlet had to deal with questions from the Internet, so godspeed, White House. You’re going to wish you were waist-deep in Gouda by the end of this.

White House Adopts West Wing’s Cheese Day