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Bret Easton Ellis and Rob Zombie Team Up for Manson Project

SAPA981026937070 Photo: STF/AFP

If you thought The Canyons was scary, just wait: According to Variety, Rob Zombie and Bret Easton Ellis are teaming up for a “limited series” about the Manson Family murders that took place in the summer of 1969. The pair envision the project as a sort of sprawling multi-perspective miniseries exploring the events before, during, and after the infamous murder spree. American Psycho author Ellis will write the script while Zombie, most recently of The Lords of Salem, will direct. Knowing these two, it will undoubtedly be in epic good taste, show remarkable restraint, and strive to be extremely sensitive to the feelings of the victims’ surviving relatives.

Bret Easton Ellis, Rob Zombie Team Up for Manson