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Colin Quinn Thinks All the Girls Characters Are Sociopaths

Colin Quinn. Photo: Jimi Celeste/?Patrick McMullan

Is Colin Quinn a sociopath? Colin Quinn thinks so. “I’m a comedian!” he told Vulture at the Writers Guild Awards on Saturday. “It said so in the paper last week. There was a big study that said comedians, we feel we have to have [sociopathic tendencies] because we’re dealing with these audiences.” He thinks his character on Girls, Hermie, is probably a sociopath, too. “Right now he seems calm, but you never know with those kinds of guys,” he says. “I hope he gets in a fight with someone, any one of the guys. Something physical. Like, take a hot pizza oven plate and smash someone on the head.” As for the rest of the Girls characters, he diagnoses them thusly: “I think Marnie’s going to become sociopathic. Jessa was always a sociopath. Maybe the one who seems the most psychotic, Adam, [is not]. I’m not letting him off the hook, though … Maybe everybody’s a sociopath, under the broadest definition. Maybe even the psychologists who write those books about sociopaths are sociopaths.” Sociopaths are having a moment. Be afraid.

Colin Quinn on Girls and Sociopathy