David Schwimmer to Star in Partially Improvised ABC Comedy ‘Irreversible’

After making his switch from acting to directing films (Run, Fatboy, Run and Trust), Deadline reports that former Friends star David Schwimmer has signed on to return to television on the ABC comedy Irreversible. Based on the hit Israeli series Bilti Hafich, Irreversible will be semi-improvised “in the vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The show follows Andy (Schwimmer) and Sarah, “a somewhat eccentric, self-absorbed couple, and their trials and tribulations – most of which they bring upon themselves.” Segahl Avin, a co-creator on the original Israeli series, co-wrote the US adaptation and may also come aboard to direct the pilot in New York. Not counting his small roles on 30 Rock and Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy, Irreversible will make Schwimmer’s first big television credit since Friends ended its run 10 years ago.

David Schwimmer to Star in Partially Improvised ABC […]