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Here’s a Fifteen-Minute Game of Thrones Sneak Peek

Game of Thrones has released a fifteen-minute season-four promo video that combines flashbacks, questions from fans via Twitter, and behind-the-scenes interviews about when and why the cast members cried. Oh, how they cried when that one thing happened! Hat’s off to @Jacobunny who asked, “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to do?” The answers turn out to be prosthetics, running through the snow in front of a quad bike, loving a green CGI sausage and biting off a man’s ear and spitting it in his face. While you should take the time to watch the entire video, Gwendoline Christie laughing hysterically about ripping off an ear happens around 9:02. April 6 cannot come fast enough.

Here’s a 15-Minute Game of Thrones Sneak Peek