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Think Like a Man Too Trailer: Act Like a Bachelorette Party, Think Like a Bachelor Party

Think Like a Man was a surprise hit in 2012, grossing over $90 million on a $12 million budget. So Think Like a Man Too (a.k.a. Think Like a Man 2: Think Like Two Men) was a foregone conclusion. The whole gang is back, but now in Vegas doing Vegas-y things: drinking, being stripped for, going to jail. Kevin Hart has completely blown up recently, partly because of the first Think movie and partly because of his other projects, so this trailer is heavy on the Hart. So much so, it feels like he is the aforementioned man you should think like, not Steve Harvey, the author of the book the films are based off of. The film opens on June 20 – hopefully, it will answer the lingering question here: How man Kevin Harts can fit into one of Steve Harvey’s giant suits?

Watch the Think Like a Man Too Trailer