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The Spanish-Language Breaking Bad Translates More Than Just the Script

We knew there was a Spanish-language Breaking Bad on the way, and now that it’s here, it appears that the UniMás production is much more than just a parody. A few days ago, the New Republic dug into the show and found some fascinating translations that went beyond just the script:

There was, for one, the problem of the RV. Motor homes are very rare in Colombia, hence the old school bus that serves as Walter and Jose’s roving meth lab. And Colombian lawyers don’t market their services with over-the-top TV ads. So, rather than trolling for clients with the tagline “BETTER CALL SAUL,” Saúl Bueno hosts a late-night talk show—“Cuéntele a Saúl”—on which he dishes out legal advice. The neo-Nazis became a far-right Colombian paramilitary group.

Furthermore, methamphetamine is so rare in Colombia that its existence is made into a bit of an in-joke: “What’s methamphetamine? … Why is it here?” Cielo (Skyler) asks her sister Maria (Marie): “We love to copy what the gringos do.”

Here’s the show’s trailer:

How to Translate Breaking Bad Into Spanish