Here are GIFs of That ‘Sexy’ Moment That Happens in House of Cards’s 11th Episode

According to House of Cards, it only takes a few gentle (and strategic!) hand caresses to make magic happen. In episode 11 …

… that magic involves a threesome between Vice President Frank Underwood, his wife Claire, and their treasured bodyguard, Edward Meechum. Looking to reproduce your own House of Cards ménage? We’ve broken down the steps below. It’s … somewhat complicated.

Step 1: Injure yourself with some broken glass. If your boss does not offer to bandage your wound, just go to a doctor already. If your boss does offer to bandage your wound, move along to step two. (And if she offers you bourbon, take that too.)

Step 2: When your boss’s husband (a.k.a. your other boss) gets home from work, does he also offer to help with that wound? If so, move to step three.

Step 3: As he attends to your needs while his wife watches on, slowly start caressing his hand with your hand.

Step 4: Exchange a few knowing glances and accept a kiss from the wife.

Step 5: And a kiss from the husband. Proceed at your own pace.

GIFs of That Scene From House of Cards’s 11th Ep