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The Many Creative Ways Oscar Winners Pose With Their Trophies

Actor Sylvester Stallone at Academy Awards presentation, holding giant Oscar. His film, Rocky, received Best Picture award. (Photo by Julian Wasser//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images) Photo: Getty

After Oscar winners finish their speeches then get played off the stage (or vice versa), they head to a press room where photographers yell at them to strike a pose with their new gold best friend. But these photographers will not be satisfied with a mere trophy display: They demand creative stances! And the actors, still dazed from their victory, will do their best to accommodate, whether smooching their Oscar, swooning over it, sticking it in their ears, or any number of variations. It’s a tradition basically as old as the Academy Awards themselves, as illustrated by the following gallery of winner poses through the years: See Javier Bardem kiss his, Emma Thompson balance hers on her head, Audrey Hepburn fall head over heels for hers, Anthony Hopkins go full Hannibal-cannibal, and more. (If you’re a current Oscar nominee, maybe check these out between drafts of the speech you “didn’t” prepare.) Enjoy!

Oscar Winners Posing With Their Trophies