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Watch an Early, Live Version of Chris Farley’s ‘Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker’ Sketch

Chris Farley’s river-van-living motivational speaker Matt Foley is easily one of SNL’s most iconic characters and, like many of the show’s characters, he got his start on the Second City stage. Below, you can watch the sketch in its original form. Taped in 1990 – three years before it appeared on SNL – it features Tim Meadows in the David Spade role and Bob Odenkirk, who also wrote the sketch, in the Phil Hartman role. There are some differences (namely the hipness of the parents), but it’s amazing to see just how similar the sketch is. Time is a flat circle, so Matt Foley is, was, and always will be living in a van down by the river.

See an Early Version of SNL’s Matt Foley Sketch